The other day, I came across fresh street art in my neighborhood of Clinton Hill in Brooklyn. I was immediately drawn to the simple, inviting portraits of two women with beautiful wide eyes. They stared out at the neighborhood, full of emotion and life, and instantly made my little block more hip. Over the next couple of days more and more characters popped up on Fulton Street between Irving Place and Downing. I finally caught the artist, Alan Aine, in action tonight. He wore a blazer and smart specs, but was covered with paint. I wasn't the only one transfixed by how quickly he created the pieces. In the short time that I spent photographing him work, several neighbors all stopped to watch as his brush moved quickly over the bare cement wall while he listened to jazz in his headphones. The neighbors congratulated him and thanked him for adding a little something to the area. It was refreshing to watch someone so dedicated to their passion. Alan currently has work up at Bizarre Bar in Bushwick and Cafe Grumpy Greenpoint in Greenpoint.