Flashback: Iceland in November

Six years ago, I was working as a freelance photo editor on a little project called 1000 Places To See Before You Die. As I collected images from various photographers and agencies, I became captivated with photos of Iceland's black sand and purple blue water. I was younger and fresh to the working world, and I didn't know much about responsibility or financial stability. In a carefree moment, I said to myself, "I can go there right now." And so I did, in the middle of November, when Iceland experiences only a few hours of daylight, and it is cold. I ventured off into an unknown world, completely alone. I carried nothing but my laptop, my Hasselblad, and my Canon 20D... it was a lot to carry, and my back hurt. I saw amazing things. With a group of locals, I drank shots of the national drink, Brennivín, which in English means "Black Death". At 5am in the middle of Reykjavik on my first night, I discovered my jacket was stolen and I made my way back to the hostel in a t-shirt. The trip was a huge learning experience for me. Traveling alone and feeling so in control of my life was inspiring. I saw craters, waterfalls, the Blue Lagoon, hot pools and icebergs. Looking back on these photos now, I'm craving a trip out of the city and I am missing some of that brave innocence.