Rockaway Beach Summer

Last summer I discovered Rockaway Beach in Queens, NY. I had much more time on my hands then, and spent long weekends learning to surf, eating fish tacos at Rockaway Taco and hiding under the wooden boardwalk tucked in my lime green hammock as the sun went down. Post-sandy Rockaway is a different world. Yesterday, the open beaches and restaurants were packed, while there was active construction piling sand to protect the once hurricane-ravaged beach town. The sun was hot but not scalding and the water was relatively calm. We bought an Oreo and chocolate-covered frozen banana from a young women roaming the beach toting a Big Banana cooler packed with dry-ice and clever bananas. Mid-day, we made time for a Sixpoint Sweet Action beer break at Rippers and of course the requisite trip to the small shack selling fish tacos on Beach 96th street followed. We finished off the day with Avocado and India Spice italian ice at DiCosmo's.